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Comedy Bloomers is delighted to be launching The London LGBTQ+ Stand-up 

Comedy festival from 17th May - 11th June with 10 fantastic nights of comedy.

Featuring exclusive shows, collaborations with favourite LGBTQ+ Comedy nights plus work in progress shows with rising comedy stars we are able offer something for every taste within the LGBTQ+ community across London.


Line-ups including Rhys Nicholson (Judge Ru Paul's Drag Race Down Under, Netflix), Jess Fostekew, Stephen Bailey, Ella Vaday (Drag Race UK), Sarah Keyworth, Victoria Olsina, Kuan Wen (Comedy with an Accent), James Barr (UK’s No1 LGBTQ+ Podcast, A Gay & A Non Gay podcast) & Hannah Byczkowski (Winner, BBC Traitors) 


Launch Night with Clandestina Queer Comedy  

Fundraiser in support of Rainbow Migration,

supporting LGBTQI+ people going through the

asylum and immigration system.

Heleana Blackwell 2Northdown Square Graphic.jpg

May 21 @ 2Northdown, N1

 Real-life married couple Heleana and Sophia Blackwell grew up with Section 28, late night lesbian films, and a desire to get out of their hometowns. Through comedy, poetry and the occasional song and dance, the couple take a frank and left-field look at what happens before and after love at first sight. 

TOM MAYHEW 2Northdown Square Box v3.jpg

May 21 @ 2Northdown, N1

Working-class comedian Tom Mayhew returns with a new show about dreams and endless hope. But it's mainly jokes about how weird and annoying capitalism is. As heard on BBC Radio 4 and The Alexei Sayle Podcast.


May 24 @ 21 Soho, W1

Join Ella Vaday for a fabulous night of Queer Comedy with James Barr, headlining, Russell Arathoon MC,  Alison Zrada (Finalist LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year), Mark Bittlestone, Maddie HW, Iffy & Jack Shep


Ella will be sharing insights about her fab life as a premiere drag queen and along with a stunning lineup of comedy talents this will be one Elluva Comedy Night!

LIZ GUTERBOCK 2Northdown Square Box.jpg

May 31 @ 2Northdown, N1

Dual national. Bisexual. Halfway to death? In her debut show, California native Liz Guterbock explores belonging and whether it’s possible to stay in love with life as we grow old(er). "Punchy, slick and accomplished

June 1st.png

June 1 @ The Queer Comedy Club, N19

The London LGBTQ+ Festival heads to North London for a great night of comedy with the Queer Comedy Club featuring  headliner Dee Allum, finalist at Comedy Bloomers LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year.  The Queer Comedy Club is the UK's first dedicated LGBTQ+ Comedy venue!


June 2 @ The Two Brewers, SW4

Celebrate your most fabulous self with a hilarious evening of new and acclaimed material from the best, most iconique women and LGBTQ+ comedians in London - with host James Barr and extra special guests Hannah Byczkowski (The Traitors), Jen Ives, Lachlan Werner, Sue Gives A Fuck and Martin Joseph!

Sallyann Fellows 2Northdown Square Box.jpg

June 4 @2Northdown, N1

Sallyann’s brand of humour is wonderfully distinctive and unpredictable; expect real life experiences that aren’t even remotely like real life. Her power to engage an audience is so strong, that she once attracted a large crowd in a public toilet car park because she thought she’d discovered some Roman pottery, after digging with a trowel and convincing the crowd that they were watching a real-life version of Time Team, she had to abandon the dig site and leg it when she realised that all she’d actually dug up was the toilet pipe. Sallyann is Neurodiverse and LGBTQ+ and welcomes everyone to her show.

Dick Denham 2Northdown Square Box v3.jpg

June 9 @2Northdown, N1

Dick Denham is a non-binary thirtysomething comedian. A hit with queer and straight crowds alike, Dick has audiences in stitches with their surreal observations on being genderqueer in a heteronormative world, and the aspects of British culture that we all love to be indifferent about normally.

In their debut show Big Dick Energy, Dick takes the banality of everyday life and cleverly - and queerly - subverts it: you'll never experience a branch of Holland & Barrett, a leisure centre café, or a commercial for the People's Postcode Lottery in the same way again!. 


June 11 @ Seven Dials Club, WC1

Comedy Bloomers is delighted to be closing the first LGBTQ+ Stand Up Comedy Festival with  

Rhys Nicholson (Judge RuPaul's Drag Race) and Kuan Wen (MC), SuperGirlySpring Day (BBC Live at the Apollo) and finalists of LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year 2022, Dane Buckley, Umby Winters & Alex Stringer.

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